TERASIA will hold an art festival in Indonesia, titled Sua TERASIA, where all the member artists will gather in one place. Since the “age of isolation” began in 2020, we had set our sights on completing the project in 2024, when it was estimated that herd immunity against Covid-19 will occur. “Sua” means “gathering” or “encounter” in Indonesian, and three pillars make up the core of this festival.

The Three Pillars

The Stage: Creating and Showcasing

We will perform, screen, and exhibit all TERASIA works, both old and new. In addition, the TERASIA artists, who have been involved in site-specific creative practices, will cross-fertilize each of our different creative methods and philosophies, and hold workshops to engage with local participants.

The Table: Reflecting and Discussing

TERASIA began at the onset of the pandemic and has constantly evolved since then. How has it affected post-pandemic theatre and art? How can we maintain this international collaborative network? How can we understand the intertwining relationships between art, religion, belief, and ritual in Asia, both in history and in the present day? We will explore these questions with speakers of various backgrounds in an interdisciplinary symposium.

The Ritual: An Ending and A Beginning

We will perform a ritual that marks the end of “the age of isolation” and heralds a new beginning, gathering at Gunung Padang—a megalithic site which is a place of local worship with a history that still remains shrouded in mystery—on a day when the moon and the sun meet in the sky. As it has always been a project for the pandemic era, TERASIA will also come to the end of its life with this ritual.

Support Us

In order to make this festival a reality, there is a multitude of expenses we need to cover in the background, such as the costs of creating the art projects; the artists’ transportation and accommodation; making the work accessible across different languages through interpretation, subtitles, and so on. For this reason, TERASIA is looking for people who are willing to support our project. We would deeply appreciate any donations, using PayPal or a credit card. Your love and support keep us going—thank you!