Call for participation – Making Masks with Kamizu

Ahead of “TERASIA Online Week 2021,” which will be held from Nov 19 to 28, the TERASIA collective’s masked artist from Myanmar Kamizu is currently creating a participatory artwork using ‘masks’ as a motif.
Kamizu invites everyone from around the world to create their original masks, which they can easily make online. The artist will then create a video work from all the mask images gathered.
Join us and be a part of Kamizu’s work!

Time required: about 25 minutes
Instruction video on how to make the mask:

*You will be asked to log in to the Allo drawing application in Step 2, but you can choose to continue as a guest.
*Mask making is possible with a smartphone, but we recommend using a PC or tablet for the best experience.

Workshop Video

Yukari Sakata, Kyojun Tanaka, and Maho Watanabe of the TERASIA Japan team, and Rina Tanaka, theater sociologist and TERASIA follower, joined Kamizu to make their masks. Watch the video to get an idea of the process!
*This video is in Japanese.